Why Goa Has Become A Hot Spot For Bangaloreans

Bangalore, also known as the garden city of India, is slowly becoming nothing less than a concrete jungle. The lakes are polluted, there is no water body. For hangouts in Bangalore, you need to be riding savvy and head out for nearby attractions. The plateau of south Indian peninsula charms in many ways but is void of vast water body. But worry not, for India is a world in itself. At ease you can head out for a destination nearby, be it beach or mountains. The nearby major beaches of Bangalore would be Gokarna, Goa, Alleppey, Varkhala and the nascent, pristine ones at Manipal. Yet, the crowd to Goa from Bangalore is not only insane but also almost equivalent to be of that of the comfort of homecoming.

goa beach

1. Cheap Flights

Goa to Bangalore flights are often compared to be daily passenger routes of Mumbai locals and they could not be any more right about the same. The operation runs for about 40 minutes and the moment the flight alights on the land, you get to see spectacular lush greenery from top. With new airlines jostling for space every day, consumers benefit for frequent cheap flights.

2. Plenty Of Hotels For All Budgets

The hospitality hotspot of the state is dotted with lodges and hotels of different budgets along the west coast, by the beach. For a sleek and posh property we suggest secure a stay with Shangri la hotels. Shangri la hotels are famed for hospitality and intricate service standards. I especially loved their breakfast buffet. It makes you full to the brink and ready for the eventful upcoming day.

3. The Best Beaches In India

From the longest to the cleanest to the finest beaches of India, Goa has it all. The most famous beaches of Goa are namely Calangute (also houses downtown market), Baga, Candolim, Arambol (the northern area), Palolim et al. the southern counterparts are serene and receives lesser footfall.

Visit Colaba for a unique experience. In the north, Vagator is one of the fancier beaches with rock monoliths standing by the side. Some of the beaches operate different water sports. We suggest, rent a scooty and explore all of them!

4. The Food

The food in Goa is in fact a countless selection from ranges of old school Portuguese eateries to chic fine dining to roadside Dhabas. Goa has it all for you. Try the desert of the land, Bibinka. The Konkonese specialties of Goan curries with spices and coconut cream.

The Goan thalis are never ending affair too. With that, indulge in some Prawn cocktail, an obvious colonial residue. And you must not forget the home grown brew, Fenny, a fermented cashew drink.

5. Freedom

The sea is endless as well as the stretch of golden sand shore. There are countless shacks and cheap frothy beer. With that, South Goa houses some of the unexplored beaches and lagoon here and there, sans any footfall or crowd. Alcohol is priced at duty free rate.

Beyond the lure of beaches, Goa also show cases beautiful lush greenery, paddy fields, a distinct culture and much more. You can unleash your inner self, in every positive way, without being in the fear of judged.

With beaches, great food, a sense of emancipation and azure sky, Goa remains one of the best sought after destination near Bangalore. It is unlikely to fade away from the repute anytime soon, special thanks goes to the cheap flight operating from Kempegowda Airport. An overnight train journey, in fact, will cost you the same if you book your tickets from before.

But even more than planned escapes, I have seen my friends planning impromptu; probably post a sultry night of drinking and partying in the posh pubs of Indiranagar and planning to take off. Share with us your favorite Goa travel story in the comment section below!

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