It’s Time To Visit Alaska

Alaska, in my opinion, stands tall as an epitome of human endeavor and perseverance. It is unbelievable to see how life succeeds amidst all natural odds. Snow, blizzards, extreme temperature, hostile natural conditions, triumphing all, civilizations have thrived from time immemorial in the land.

To add to it, modern amenities have indulged in touristy infrastructure ensuring safe keeping of thousands of adventure enthusiasts heading to the wilderness every year. And how beautiful the place is! I only wish, my words would suffice to describe the inimitable beauty that lies so close to the land of Arctic, the nearest point to the tip of northern hemisphere.

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Fact Checks About Alaska
  • It is the northernmost state of USA with very sparse population.
  • Anchorage metropolitan area is the area that hosts most of the people here.
  • Fishing and oil production are the ways people here make money.
Places To Visit
  1. Denali National Park – The mesmerizing view of Mt McKinley, the largest mountain of North america will surely take your heart away. Watch out the huskies and their kennels.
  2. Alaska Highway – A long stretch of well constructed route towards Canada, some of the best sightseeing happens through this area.
  3. University Of Alaska Museum Of The North – The Museum houses ethnological items made and used by indigenous groups, a fine arts collection that focuses mainly on Alaskan art, archaeological finds from prehistoric cultures, a bird collection and paleontology specimens.
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  5. Inside Passage – Cruise through the coastal line to get an incredible view of scenic mountains, glaciers and national forests. Along the coastal passage lies the Tongass National Forest. It includes islands, mountains, glaciers, ice fields, fjords and waterfalls as well as one of the largest islands in the US, Prince of Wales Island. Major towns along the route include Skagway with its Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park where stoic totems are on display at Totem Bight State Historic Park and the Totem Heritage Center.

  6. Northern Lights – On the never ending dark winters of the Alaska, some of the best aurora borealis viewing happens in the Fairbanks area. After midnight is the time to view the spectacular dance of solar particles in the earth’s magnetic field.
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  8. Alaska Native Heritage Center – Due emphasis is given on how native dwellers of Alaska had thrived a civilization from old time with a display of their art and craft.
What You Must Eat

Indulge in seafood when in Alaska! Period. But this is not your regular sea food cooked in mundane style. It is exotic in the true sense of it.

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But be wary of the portion size though. Often they eat their fish raw, just as a testimony to the endless evolution humans have endured over the ages to ensure life survives even with little source of supplements.

  • My favorite from the land was Reindeer sausage from Sourdough Bakery in Homer. It is the literal street food there.
  • Love chowder? Try that with salmon, better still with a smoked version of it! Trust me, you will not regret.
  • The spectacular Gumbo dish from Double Muskie in Girdwood is a remarkable experience I had while in Alaska.
  • Be brave and try Mutuk, a raw whale fat dish. Try it because when in Alaska you have to behave Alaskan!
  • The infamous cod liver oil of childhood to induce extra vitamin can be replaced in the country with fillet of Cod fish, marinated with soya sauce and cooked to your taste.
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  • Whip together seal oil, reindeer (and any other animal) fat, snow and wild Alaskan berries to get the exquisite Eskimo ice cream.

Be it sledding through the insurmountable snow or luxury cruising through the pulpy water of Arctic, Alaska tests your patience in every sense only to deliver the best experience of a traveler’s life.

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