A Practical Guide On How To Travel In Mongolia

Traveling to another country can be fun & exciting, especially if it is a wild country like Mongolia. Mongolia is regarded as a nomadic country because of its nomadic culture. It is an Asian country bordered by China and Russia.

Its capital is Ulaanbaatar, which harbors the national museum of Mongolia, as well as the famous Gandantegchinlen monastery. The Northern side of Mongolia has the Koo VSG Olu which is the deepest lake in the country. The South has the Gobi desert and three beautiful peaks. Western Mongolia is home to high mountains and open petroglyphs.

When To Visit Mongolia

Mongolia can best be visited during the period between June and August. This is always the warm summer period. Activities that can be enjoyed during this time are horseback riding, camping and hiking.

Though the capital can be rainy at this time. July features national festivals of sports, wrestling and horse racing.

October to March usually come with freezing temperatures although it reduces by December to February.

Things To Keep In Mind Traveling to Mongolia

  • People traveling to Mongolia must think of hiring a tourist guide who may also serve as an interpreter and help keep them from harm. Someone who will help you appreciate and understand their fascinating lifestyle.
  • Tourists who visit Mongolia should not forget in a hurry the food they will be served which includes salty and milky tea which may not be very appetizing also preserved milk products like dried cheese and yogurt.
  • Mongolian people are said to be hospitable and inviting. Meeting a nomadic family will lead you to experience the traditional hospitality they are known for although this hospitality can be questioned when one hesitate on the threshold of gear. Their men walk to the left and women to the right while the respected members stay at the head of the gear.
  • Packing up clothes for this trip must include clothes for warm days, clothes for chilly days which should include waterproof jacket.
  • Bearing in mind that their food which consists of boiled mutton and some flavor will be served every day, it will be of no harm if you go with packaged food and some chocolate or sweets if you have a sweet tooth.
  • Regarding health, people should be medically certified before going to Mongolia because the air may not be okay for people who are asthmatic or have other respiratory related diseases. Drink only bottled water. Apply insect repellent creams to avoid being bitten by pests.
  • Wear boots for safety purposes. Travel with some medication and drugs, to help you in case of an emergency health condition. This may include medication for dehydration, and sudden onset of stomach ache.

Bottom Line

Finally, tourists must be safety conscious. They should avoid night movements. Tourists should not display their property to avoid being robbed because pick-pocketing and bag slashers have been known to exist in the capital city.

Mongolia is a beautiful tourist site and you can have a fulfilled time if you heed the above suggestions.

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