Wildlife Sanctuaries In Kerala – 5 Of The Best To Experience With Family

Kerala is a haven for nature and wildlife lovers. Blessed with a topography boasting a large variety of flora and fauna, this destination packs in quite a lot of fun for the adventurous family. There are about 14 wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala among them are – two tiger reserves and six national parks are spread across the verdant Western Ghats and Sahyadri ranges here. Now, that is many places to visit in Kerala!

Top 5 Wildlife Sanctuaries In Kerala

To experience the best of the state’s wildlife offerings, you must make it a point to visit these top five wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.

1. Periyar Tiger Reserve

One of the most famous tourist places in Kerala, this is the place to come if you want to spot a tiger! Elephants are found in abundance here as well as more than1965 flowering plants.

2. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Intrinsic to the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, this sanctuary abounds with lush flora and diverse fauna. It was segregated as a conservation plot to preserve the rich wildlife heritage of Kerala. Apart from animals, it is a great place to teach your kids about tribal culture.

3. Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary

Spread across 125 square kilometers, it is located in the catchment area of the Peechi and Vazhani dams. Boating is extremely popular here and the landscape lends itself to many a picnic spot. Tiger, deer, sambar deer, leopard, spotted deer, Asian elephants, and Indian bison are spotted here.

4. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Come here for a date with the Great Grizzled Squirrel of India; with a population of below 200, they are the highlight of this sanctuary! This is also a great place to go for light treks with the kids. It is also home to a sandalwood forest where many gaurs and elephants roam.

5. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled in the embrace of the Cheruthoni and Periyar rivers and situated at a height of 450-750 meters above sea level, this sanctuary is adorned with deciduous and evergreen trees. The kids can also enjoy boat rides on its lake. Elephants, jungle cats, tiger, bison, sambar deer, wild dogs, and wild boar along with a variety of snakes like cobras call this place home. Bird lovers will love to spot the Grey Jungle Fowl and Malabar Grey Hornbill here.

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