The Best Wedding Destinations In France

Marriage is what we all dream of while growing up. That one special day of our life needs to be celebrated with abundance of glamour. The day needs to be gorgeous and embedded in the memory of one and all. The nuptial knot is to be tied in an extravagant ceremony. These are the stories we live to tell our grandchildren over the years. So, let me uncover some of the top wedding destinations in France.

The major decision lies in the venue selection part. How about southern France vacation rentals that can host your wedding and coveted guests and also transform your memory into an ever cherishing one? Here are a list of the best wedding destinations in France for your information.

They range mostly from the chateaux from the middle ages. They are grand in make, charm you like a royalty and adds the extra splendour of timelessness which is hard to find even after spending a fortune.

wedding destinations in france

Chateau de Cheronne

Add the mystery of history along with royal French grandeur in your wedding while choosing this villa for the big day. The eventful day will have the warmth of high roofed marvellous shelter of a chateaux as well as the sprawling garden. The garden is apt to be decorated for a grand party in case you fancy outdoor activity.

The chefs are adept at cooking up different cuisine to appeal to the varied palate of your guest list. The place is highly rated for the celebrated hospitality by its service personnel. The property takes pride in conjuring up multiple weddings as per guests’ choice.

Les Vieilles Luges

Among the celebrated wedding destinations in France, one of the most loved one is Les Vieilles Luges. Guess what adds to the charm quotient of this old farm house that predates even Europe’s quest for colonialism., let alone be the world wars? It is actually a 250 year old Alpine farm chalet near Chamonix.

The place has actually played host to real Belle Bride Hollie C’s famous summer wedding. Commute to the venue is easy from nearest town.Hosts are cordial. Staffs are particularly appreciated for taking good care of your need and supplying the same. Trust Les Vieilles Luges, the farmhouse to make your best day a great memory.

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Hôtel de la Cité

Sense of fashion blends seamlessly with the grand architecture of the Hôtel de la Cité which makes it one of the most sought often wedding destinations in France. It is more than a century old with slight extensions happening over the time. Since it is old, it retains an unprecedented charm of old world. In case you are planning traveling between Nice and Biarritz or between Biarritz and Barcelona, this hotel is the quintessential stop over choice.

The Medieval citadel at Carcassonne houses the exquisite property, a discerning choice for to be married couple. Choose this venue without a hint of doubt. The hospitality of the property is well known among international clientele and they are known to provide service basis on guests’ exact choices.

Chateau de Brametourte

A wedding is typically celebrated in the banquet pace of the Chateau de Brametourte. The Grand Pavilion of the property is the biggest of their banquets and is generally let out for rent for the bridal events. Trust the spectacular view across yellow bright shining fields with full blossoms of flowers, to the Pyrenees to make your day. They play the extra bliss of nature’s touch to otherwise abundance of glamour through silk drapes and candelabras etc.

The rustic charm of countryside adds up as a major player to make the venue a superb one. Choose the venue as your wedding destination in case you believe the openness and touch of nature in raw form is necessary for celebration as much as the luxury of fine silk is. For choice of gourmet spread to treat your guests, you can choose world cuisine besides the fine French roasts and accompanying sauce.

Domaine du Beyssac

Soak in the simpletone village life of French culture and celebrate your big day in the famous property of Domaine du Beyssac. It is situated in a lovely beautiful village 30km south of Toulouse. If there is a heaven in the Earth, this place may look like the same. It showcases the greenery and nature’s bliss in its best form.

Often hidden securely from the hustle of urban life , the Domaine du Beyssac is a gorgeous and rustic French Chateau. There are fields overlooking Pyrenees everywhere. You shall never regret choosing this ethereal setting for marriage celebration.

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

The prime location of French riviera houses multiple wedding venue suitable for fine choice. Probably the most sought after from the lot is Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild It is located at the prized position of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat peninsula between Nice and Monaco.

The property makes for an ideal fairy tale stage with fountains churning out melody, lush green gardens with scent of freshly bloomed flowers and beautiful architecture. Needless to mention, the property is run by a group of professional hospitality servicemen who goes to every extent to accomplish every wish of yours.

France is the destination for romantic souls across the globe. Paris, one of the best destinations for couples is often termed as an overrated and overrated touristic hot spot with little soul left to bedazzle you wit experience. Reason why we present you the much coveted range of chateaux. Choose one from the many for your D day.

They are equally capable of mesmerising you with choices of gourmet, glamour, bespoke environs and much more. Marriage is the best thing to happen in one lifetime. make it count by choosing a unique destination. Let us help you be the talk of the town.

Let us help you make your wedding inscribed in people’s memory. Add to that, being in Europe, you shall never be in dearth of choosing the best place for honeymooning. Choosing from one of wedding destinations in France is without a doubt the best thing you could have done!

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