Brilliant Travel Gift Ideas For Men And Women

We love sharing part of our lives with people around us and whenever traveling comes to light, we search our minds to find the right kind of gift to buy them.

Whether it’s a vacation, holiday or business, an item purchased for someone at that particular point in time can print a lasting memory in the minds of the persons involved. When people travel, they have the opportunity to share events and memories. Each year we find ourselves sharing stories, videos, photos and more, why not gifts?

When giving out gifts to someone you know, you have to remember the personality of the person you’re trying to get a gift for. This is important as everyone would prefer to skip the awkwardness that may ensue after getting something they wouldn’t be excited by. The travel destination can also have a significant influence on the gift item to be bought too.

Below are some gift ideas you can get for men and women.


Headphones – This is an ideal gift for men who have an active lifestyle. Audiophiles will be excited that this thoughtful gift was brought to them. A water-resistant or noise cancellation headphones would be perfect.

Books – The type of book may depend on the person you are buying it for. But in every way, a book as a travel gift can never go wrong.

GoPro Camera – It is one of the traveler’s must have. The GoPro Hero 5 is voice-activated. Shockproof and waterproof too. It is also durable and can withstand any adventure a guy is on.

Ollo Clip 4-In-1 Lens – For someone who likes photography, this lens will turn their phone camera into the wide-angle or macro lens. It weighs little and there’s no reason to ever go out without it.


Chipolo – By presenting this gift to someone, you’re not implying that a person is a forgetful person, but it’s a traveler’s worst fear to lose stuff.  Chipolo attaches itself to almost any item like this voyager smart wallet and you can use it to track down items that you consider missing or out of place.

Travel Bag Or Purse – This can serve as her daily travel companion. While visiting a new city, she will require something small enough to tuck in all her essentials. Personalize by printing these free svg cut files onto the bags to make it much more appealing.

Hair Dryer – Not just any hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. If she is the type that never travels without her hair dryer, this would be ideal for her. It weighs less than 2 lbs and dries hair fast, so that she spends more time exploring than drying her hair.

Clothes – Depending on the nature of the travel and the destination, picking out a clever clothing item can be a thoughtful help, especially when the climate and temperature of
the destination differ from what she’s used to.

On a final note, the gifts you give should be a reflection of the adventure you want them to have. It helps to make their trip easier and enjoyable. It also encourages travelers to get creative on their trips and you might get some souvenirs in return.

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