Trip To The City Of Skeletons – St. Petersburg

Hope you have been doing well. I visited St. Petersburg a few days before after I visited the beautiful city of Moscow. And here I am sharing my experience with you. So let’s start with introducing the city. St. Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia. With a population count of 5.2 million in 2015.

St. Petersburg is also famous with the name of – The City of Bones. As historians believe it is standing on the skeleton of less or more 100,000 in 18th century. Yes, it was not a pleasant thing to find beneath this city.

There is one more thing that might amaze you. The founder of the city is Peter The Great, but it’s named after Saint Petersburg, not Peter The Great. Confusing right? Well, it is also known as Venice of the North. It is on the bank of Neva River. It is the cultural capital of Russia.

Things To Do In Moscow St. Petersburg

Carriage near the Hermitage in St. Petersburg by Sergei Butorin on

1. Hermitage museum was the first place I started my journey at. It is an art and culture museum exhibiting the paintings from Berlin merchant Johann Ernst Gotzkowsky. The museum celebrates 7th of December each year, as it’s founding day.

2. After the museum, I went to the Winter Palace. Winter Palace was once home to Russian monarchs. It’s in the same complex of building as Hermitage museum.

3. Next, I went to Saint Isaac’s cathedral, it is the Russian Orthodox cathedral. It’s the fourth largest cathedral in the world and largest Orthodox basilica. It is all dedicated to a Patron Saint of Peter The Great, Saint Isaac of Dalmatia. And is also famously known with the name Isaakievskiy Sobor.

4. Church of the Savior on Blood was our next spot. It is one of the main site in the St. Petersburg. It is standing on the exact spot where King Alexander II was wounded by political nihilist on 1881.

5. Then I visited Peterhof Palace. It is and series of gardens and palaces. Sometimes localities call is Russian Versailles.

6. Peter and Paul fortress was my next destination, which was the original core area of St. Petersburg. It was founded in 1703 by Peter The Great. It is still used for imprisonment and execution by Bolshevik government.

7. Then on my last day of the trip, my first choice of destination was Mikhailovsky Theater. It is one of the oldest Russian opera and ballet house and was founded in 1833. It’s in arts square.

8. After the theater I was at the Marble Palace. It is among the earlier neoclassical palaces in St. Petersburg. It is between field of Mars and palace of Quay.

Things I Missed In St. Petersburg

Stroganov Palace on Moika Embankment by Sergei Butorin on

∙ Smolny institute.
∙ Oranienbaum
∙ Nicholas Palace
∙ Alexander Column
∙ Stroganov Palace
∙ Miriinsky Theater
∙ Kunstkamera
∙ Moika Palace

Foods To Try In St. Petersburg

Russian table with food by Ruslan Olinchuk on

1. The list starts with Solyanka. It a spicy and thick tomato based chowder which a on the salty side. Russian Vodka Room No 1 on Konnogvardeysky Bulvar is the best place to enjoy the dish.

2. The other dish on this list is Pelmeny. It a paper thin dumplings with meat filled in it. You can find the best Pelmeny in Radio Ireland on Admiralteisky Avenue.

3. Next comes Beef Stroganoff. It has fine slice of beef with sour cream based sauce. They serve it with mashed potato and dill.

4. Piroski is the next dish in the list. It is a bun stuffed with various ingredients. Like cabbage, jams, fruit, meat and vegetables. It both baked and fried according to preference. You can enjoy these outside the State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace.

This a short detail of my St. Petersburg trip and a list of things you should not miss on your visit.

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